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Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's hard being a Mom...

Sometimes it is so hard to know what is best for your children. Carly was born 5 years ago with a cleft palate. She has had three sets of tubes in her ears and a palate repair surgery. She has also been in speech therapy since she was two. Fortunately, we haven't had any major concerns for the past two years. There is still one more potential surgery, but her surgeon felt last year like the surgery might cause more harm than good at that time. The purpose of this surgery is to improve speech, but it will cause her to have to relearn to eat and causes extreme snoring. It can also cause severe sleep apnea in some cases.

All this to say that Carly's annual appointment with the surgeon is supposed to be on Monday. However, she has been sick most of the week which really effects her speech. I am considering rescheduling the appointment because I don't want the surgeon to decide that the surgery is necessary because her speech seems to have declined when really she is just a little under the weather.

Please pray for wisdom for Chad and I as parents as we try to decide what is best in this situation. Also please pray for wisdom for Dr. Schuster as he makes decisions that can greatly effect her ability to speak. Most of all please pray that Chad and I will trust God with our daughter's future and remember that she is fearfully and wonderfully made, and that God has a wonderful plan for her life.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jesus: There's just something about that name...

Do you remember that song? I can remember singing that song at church as a little girl.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. There's just something about that name.
Master, Savior , Jesus. Like the fragrance after the rain.
Kings and kingdoms will all pass away, but there's something about that name.
(copyright 1970 by William J. Gaither)
I have been thinking about the truth of that song since Sunday. In the sermon, our pastor asked a question that really stuck with me. I have been really convicted about my witness for Christ. You see, he asked if we ever really say the name Jesus in our homes, at work, at the grocery store, etc. I realized that although we do talk about Jesus a lot in our home, I don't mention his name very often out in public. Oh sure, I talk about my church and I talk about God, but I don't actually mention Jesus very often. I realized today that there really is something about that name. It is the name that divides us. It is when we speak the name of Jesus that controversy arises, and I don't like confrontation so I just stay quiet. I have noticed that in many churches the name Jesus is mentioned less and less because we do not want to offend. I have been terribly troubled my this trend, but I had failed to see it in my own life.
You see, I believe it when the Bible says that Jesus is "The way, The truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Him." (John 14:6) There is only one way. Pointing people to my church is not the answer even though it is a wonderful place where they will be pointed to Jesus. (You can check it out at ) Talking to people about God is not enough because they can and will relate it to whatever god they want. People need to know Jesus. My debt has been paid through the blood of Jesus. My sins are forgiven because of Jesus. Jesus is the way, truth and life - nothing else compares. If we fail to show them Jesus, then we have failed. My prayer is that my passion and love for Jesus will grow to surpass my passion and love for myself. I can't be quiet in order to avoid conflict instead I must ask God to help me love Jesus and love others more than I love myself.
Obviously, I have a long way to go, but I am so thankful that God continues to draw me, teach me and change me. "He must become greater; I must become less." John 3:30.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Welcome to my blog!

I have thought several times about starting a blog, but I haven't ever known what I would write about. The past few nights, however, I haven't slept well which has given me lots of time to think. I finally decided to start a blog that just chronicles the events of my life and my family. It will be a place to document and share with others the wonderful blessings that God has given us. I'm not sure if it will hold the interest of anyone else, but I know it will be good for me to be able to look back and see the goodness of God through all the happenings in our lives here on the farm. Enjoy!